God Listens
to Slayer


I met Arttu in a dive bar in Helsinki. He was with all his punk friends and we started talking about I don’t remember what...photos I think, and he agreed to meet me the following day. Through the haze of a tumor-like hangover we walked around town bumping into people he knew. He told me about his job in forest conservation and I told him about London.

Styling :  Mauricio Nardi
Art Direction : Luca Guarini
Casting : Sarah Bunter 
Photography : Sanna Charles


Winter City

Beating the Bounds

A perambulation around Waltham Forest

Beating the Bounds (2015) from Sanna Charles on Vimeo.

The film combines a number of different stories or histories narrated by my mother, who is of Finnish origin. These pieces are combined into one memory. The idea was to represent a kind of ‘hive mind’, an amalgamation of history proposing that history is only as ‘real’ as we tell it to be.
I grew up in Waltham Forest, a borough on the outskirts between London and Essex, and although I return to the area often enough I spend little time exploring beyond my destination. I started researching the history of the borough using some of the historical maps housed in the archives of the Vestry House Museum, they show an area whose borders have been in a constant state of flux as land is sold and built upon. This city-poem attempts to take you on a journey around these blurred boundaries; the camera pointing inwards, stopping at historically significant landmarks relating to my own past, or the past of someone else. The stories or accounts that are narrated by a single voice in the film are gathered from books in the Vestry House’ collection and social websites relating to the area and they are merged together giving a sense of a layered collective history.

The film pays homage to the writings of the social historian and leading anarchist thinker the late Colin Ward, and was produced as part of my MA dissertation for an Art & Design in Education at the UCL Institute of Education.

Soundtrack by Famous Moon King courtesy of
Tesla Tapes, Manchester.